Preparing to write your will using Will and Tomorrow

Andre Robb

Founder & CEO

December 6, 2020

We’ve made the process of writing your Will as streamlined as possible. The premise of our service is that most of us (Jamaicans residents) will be adequately served by being able to customize our Will on a well-built platform. So, when you have decided that you are ready to create your Will, here are a few things to consider and even discuss with others before entering your details online. 

Identify and enlist your executors

Will-making in Jamaica requires that you have two executors named in your will. An executor is someone that is known to you to be of sound character - after all you are asking them to be primarily responsible for carrying out your wishes at a time when you are not able to personally ensure that they in fact do so. Executors also have to be over eighteen years old. Since executors are able to refuse the role for any reason, it is better to ask the persons you are thinking of before you go ahead and include them in the document. You are able to leave gifts to and include your executors as beneficiaries in your will if you want to, which is good for those who elect family members for these roles.

Discuss guardianship with co-parent

If you are a parent, it is a good idea to include a provision for guardianship for your minor children in your will. The state has its own provision for what is the best interest of children who are left without the care of parents, for instance, the parental rights of a living parent remain in place even if one parent passes and in her Will she has  designated a guardian. Being on the same page with the other parent of your child is the best way to ensure that your consideration for guardianship holds up if it ever faces the scrutiny of the courts. We advise that both parents have identical wishes for their child's guardians in each of their individual Wills. So, if possible, talk it over as a team and then have a conversation with your primary choice for primary and alternative guardians before listing them in your Will.

Make an inventory of major assets

While the assets that make up your estate at the time of writing your Will may not be all the assets in your estate when you pass, it is important that you make a considered list of your assets at the time that you are making your Will. So take some time to think about those bank accounts you may have forgotten, the property you haven’t developed and anything else that is noteworthy to be listed as part of your estate. 

Think about your final wishes

Here’s the part most of us just don’t like to think about- what are the final arrangements we want to be carried out for us. While it is entirely optional and your Will is perfectly valid without these directions, imagine just how easing it is for family members to know how you want to be celebrated and remembered. 

List all beneficiaries (including charities and organizations) that mean a lot to you

Here's a bit of smile-inducing fun. Before you go to write your Will, start thinking of and making a list of those you want to include as your beneficiaries. A beneficiary is an individual or organization that you want to inherit a part of your estate. The good thing with Wills is that as long as you are alive, you can go back and make changes. In Jamaica, getting married nullifies your Will, so all that means is that if you have a Will as a single person and then you get hitched, the Will you made while single no longer holds and you have to re-make your Will to include your spouse. We've made it easy for you to come back to us at Will and Tomorrow to update your Will. 

It will probably take you 30 minutes to pore over these steps and make your calls etc. But regardless of how much time it takes, we encourage you to spend as much time as you need so you end up preparing your Will in the way that meets your desires. Use our printable checklist for a handy tool to note the inputs for your Will and Tomorrow Will. 

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