We help ordinary Jamaicans make their Wills online.

Will and Tomorrow is the first tool designed to make it easy and affordable for Jamaicans to make their Last Will and Testament online. By providing free educational resources and an easy-to-use platform we are embodying our mission to make Will-making more accessible to everyone. And we mean everyone.

What does W&T do?

We allow our customers to create their wills online.

By using our online tool, our customers get to state exactly what they want their Last Will and Testament to include. We provide a best in class customer experience, all the way through to the delivery of the physical package that contains your will document.

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Why does W&T exist?

Too often the importance of estate planning documents become important when it is too late. We want to educate everyone, especially the everyday citizen of the importance of having a Will and that it is easy to put one in place. That's our mission.

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Core Principles


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Commitment to Growth

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We think it's time to finally make the Will that you've looooong said you would.